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Oracle NetSuite VS. Microsoft Dynamics | Why Companies are choosing NetSuite over Microsoft Dynamics

Organizations face pressure in all stages of their life. It can be tackled with various organizational strategies. Most organizations using traditional forms of software face such pressure more than the ones switching to modern technology. Before purchasing any software, it is crucial to evaluate a business’ functions. One should think of the changes and reforms

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Current Scenario of ERP in Nepal

In the year 1990, Gartner Group first used the abbreviation ERP to extend upon the capabilities of material requirement planning (MRP), manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) and computer integrated manufacturing. From then, ERP has been providing an integrated and updated view of core business processes by tracking business resources such as cash, raw materials, production

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Cloud ERP Vs On-Premise ERP

In a fast- paced and ever changing competitive technological business world it is crucial to select the right ERP systems for your business. Today, nearly every vendors offer some form of cloud deployement options and some have ditched their on premise offerings altogether. But there are still several reasons why a small or midsize business

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