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Five Pain Points ERP will solve

In the process of growing a company to reach success, there are many important processes they must undertake. The processes adopted may generate the desired outcome but at times may be frustrating as the processes that also adapted when the company we established would be useless in the present or future. ERP solutions are designed

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How important is the cloud?

The importance of cloud Developing the infrastructures revolving around the support & services of cloud computing has now accounted for more than one third of all IT spending worldwide. Meanwhile spending on traditional, in-house IT continues to decline as computing workloads continue to move to the cloud, whether that is public cloud services offered by

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Why is cloud computing the future?

In today’s digital era, companies are becoming digital enterprises where their customers and suppliers interact via IT-based mechanisms (eg. Mobile apps), faster and easier accessibility of data and resources has been an integral part for a company which has been possible through cloud computing. Over the past few years, the cloud computing industry has generated

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