Raindrop Pro Bono

Our mission is to foster the growth of non-profits and help them on their mission with the use of technology and Raindrop’s goal is to help you learn how to use the right technology in the right way for you to grow and never look back.

Despite our business roots, we also look forward to giving back to the community especially organizations working towards the betterment of society, be it non-profit or social enterprises. As our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we give back to the not-for-community by giving our services Pro Bono, meaning we provide our services free of cost.

We want to give back to the community by providing our expert ERP services in Nepal at no cost at all to selected organizations. We want to be able to make changes in the lives of ordinary people through technology. Although not involved directly, Raindrop will ensure smooth ERP services so you can be involved directly and make a bigger impact.

What's Included?

Raindrop's Pro Bono services include a full implementation package of Oracle NetSuite for your non-profits. The services we offer in our implementation schemes include:







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