As a media providers and publishers, they have to undergo hassle of manually managing multiple resources from different business applications. In order to get rid of this struggle, NetSuite brings you a software which seamlessly ties sales with back-office financial, accounting, and order management processes for a surreal experience accompanied by notable professional service implementation methodology and customization services


Unified CRM, ERP, E-commerce

Real-Time, Industry-Specific KPIs

Self-Service Customer Centers

Fast, Detailed, Customized Reporting

Employee Management and Productivity

Intuitive, Configurable Dashboards

Insertion Order Management

Campaign ID Management

NetSuite Benefits Creative Industry

NetSuite manages end-to-end business processes in one unified system
Advertisers buying space in a Media Firm and Subscribers buying and accessing a Publication
Improve the efficiency of your advertising sales-to-cash processes, provide real-time business analytics to make good business decisions, improve your customer service and cut costs throughout the process.