Five Things to Expect While Working with Raindrop Inc | The Official Partner of Oracle NetSuite in Nepal

Raindrop Inc. is the exclusive partner of Oracle NetSuite in Nepal. Ever since its inception, not more than two years ago, the company has managed to implement NetSuite software along with its products in various companies and their subsidiaries all over Nepal. The implementation success has been fruitful for both Raindrop Inc. as well as for its clients as it aims to empower Nepalese companies with cloud computing to create a foundation of on-going support, solutions, and growth in the local community.


5 things you can expect while working with Raindrop Inc. are:

  • Advocates for the client’s best interest: Working with Raindrop Inc. helps clients in understanding the process even better as the consultants work on your behalf. There is a lot to know about the software. So, having someone on the team that understands the problems, needs and systems properly is a big bonus. Raindrop Inc. along with its certified consultants help to provide customized and to-the-point consultations for your business. A client’s deal with Raindrop Inc. can set your system’s experience up for success from the get-go.


  • Goal Fulfillment: NetSuite is a software that aims to fulfill every need that an organization could have. That being said, not every organization can benefit from all the functionality provided by the software. Raindrop Inc. learns about an organization’s needs and customizes the software based on the goals that the organization has set for itself and to meet the unique and specific needs of the organization.NetSuite’s implementation is successful with Raindrop Inc. because of the professionalism of the firm along with the standard protocols that it follows as per NetSuite’s practices.


  • A long-term partner: Purchasing ERP software is an investment. It takes time and capital out of both the buyer as well as the seller. This also means having a long-term relationship with the solution provider. Working in the same team as Raindrop Inc. allows organizations to make plans relating to the long-term strategic vision of their business through the products that it provides along with the consultation. With their ability and skill set, one can take their business to the next level while receiving support throughout the journey. Raindrop Inc. also assists in optimizing the platform for needs that will arise in the future.


  • A single point of contact for all solutions: When a client is interested in implementing NetSuite as their software provider, it gets easier with a NetSuite partner as they will consistently provide support when needed. Being NetSuite’s direct reseller, Raindrop Inc. provides support locally as they understand the wants and needs of the clients in the country while being the single point of contact for its customers. Clients do not have to worry about the situation that they find themselves in as they can contact Raindrop Inc. for all types of solutions.


  • Product Development: While being the authorized resellers of NetSuite in Nepal, Raindrop Inc. also develops its products to fit the needs of the Nepalese market. These products are made to conform with the legal confinements, such as In-house Revenue Department approvals (IRD), taxation laws of the Nepalese society, and any other requirement that is not in-built in NetSuite. Raindrop Inc. customizes the requirement of the clients that they cannot seem to find a solution for in NetSuite. These products promote localization in the country rather than having companies face such complex situations with foreign products.
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